Carbon Gap is a climate not-for-profit focused on eliminating the carbon dioxide that’s already heating up the planet. We exist to drive essential climate action by helping Europe become a leader in carbon removal, working with scientists, NGOs, governments, and businesses to unlock support for the full spectrum of carbon removal techniques, storing carbon safely in trees, soils, oceans, rocks, and the built environment.

We are independent - funded exclusively by climate philanthropy, inclusive - open to all safe methods for taking carbon from the air and storing it responsibly, and planet-first- advancing the carbon removal that the planet needs to restore our atmosphere.

Our Mission?

To unlock the potential for carbon removal to restore a stable climate for all, bridging the knowledge, policy, and ambition gaps between where we are and what the science tells us is necessary.

bridging the

Knowledge Gap

We build the capacity of NGOs, scientists, policymakers, foundations, media, , and others to understand and engage with carbon removal, helping incorporate it into their climate agenda. We produce research and insights to advance the state and science of carbon removal, including methods based on forests, soils, rocks, engineered processes, oceans, and biomass. Our goal is to ensure that carbon removal can be deployed safely and responsibly for the benefit of people, the planet, and a just transition for communities all over the world.

bridging the

Policy Gap

We work with key stakeholders across society to advance the policy change needed to safely remove carbon from the air at scale. This includes innovation funding for new and emerging removal techniques, deployment incentives that will help bring down costs, and standards to ensure that carbon removal is done safely and credibly every time without harming local communities or ecosystems. Grounded in evidence-led science and in coordination with our peer climate organisations, we identify opportunities for effective policy across the European continent and build the coalitions needed to advance it.

bridging the

Ambition Gap

Delivering on climate goals depends on our ability to both dramatically cut emissions and remove billions of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Today we’re removing almost none. We need to act now to bridge the carbon ambition gap, halving emissions by 2030, and employing removals to help us reach net-zero faster, keep warming under 1.5°C, and begin tackling past emissions by holding polluters to account. We make sure that Europe’s leadership on ambitious climate action extends to carbon removal by highlighting the gap between what we’re doing and what we’ve promised future generations.

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